CloudMaps makes maps and solutions for Clouds that are based on Microsoft services and products. Enterprises can get more effective, manageable and secure IT by upgrading, migrating and consolidation to 'Clouds'. Many enterprises save money by getting rid of their old and expensive IT solutions - that even can finance the innovation.

  Office 365 Azure SBS 2016 Security  



For example, - Small Business Server 2016 (or SBS 2012) can be maed with the Essentials Experience server role on Windows Server 2016 or 2012. SBS 2016 is ideal for enterprises that want to keep control and data to themselves - and have the option to integrate with Cloud services like Office 365 and Azure - or their own intranet with Exchange, SQL, SharePoint servers etc. SBS is a 'State of the Art' configuration of Windows server with a user-friendly console for the administrators. It helps to minimize time, resources and money that is spent on expensive IT. SBS has:


* Easy standardization of the PCs to a joint workplace and domain
* Portals, internal and to Office 365, with Remote Web Access
* Office 365 (and Exchange) e-mail, calendars, contacts and Skype
* Easy access to Azure Backup, AD, updates and virtualization
* Easy internal support by use of 'health status' for the infrastructure
* Local backup and recovery for documents, files, PCs and servers
* Essential Experience is very inexpensive for SME until 25 users.


Enterprises, with more than 100 users, should evaluate hybrid solutions with several servers.

Large enterprices, public, private and the public sector, should now concider purchasing their own Azure Stack. It provides full Azure functionality in their own server-rack, installed locally - and not in the Microsoft Cloud. It eliminates national juridical problems and problems with net-capasity.

SME (Small and Mediumsized Enterprises) can also choose a national hosting partner with Azure Stack to ensure that their virutal servers stay in the country, like their own SBS2016 domain with their own Exchange server.


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